Wednesday, July 21, 2010


dead promises

down beneath the tombstone that bears my name,
i lay there dead but still awake,
and the angels of death are brought to shame.
the nostalgia of the past bring my soul to despair.
the walls of my heart have no doors and i have nothing to share.
the fear of loosing you has came alive,
and with my death it can't survive.
lost my soul at the stake to the darkness.
but all around me there's nothing but emptiness.
dead promises may haunt you back from the grave,
and to face those horrors you might not be that brave.
the moonlight with the ambiance of the howling of the wilderness.
is my world now inside this nothingness.
sorrows and pain?
i don't feel them anymore.
and my unhealed wounds are left to be ignored.
the shallow pool of blood all around me,
pulls me in it as evil surrounds me.
lost the love,lost the taste,
and my rotting self is just a waste.
i breath soulless.
walk the earth heartless.
as i am in this world so loveless.
the dead promises lay along me,
as we complement each other in the times of doom.
they don't haunt me anymore,
as we lay together.
and quench the immortal thirst of our lust,
in the grave together.