Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ascension of the FALLEN GODDESS

Ascension of the FALLEN GODDESS

by Nishant Serizawa Ojha on Sunday, October 23, 2011 at 12:41am

Waking through the thorns her bare feet are bleeding,
to feed on her warm blood the fallen ones are pleading.
But she walks on her way.
Bathed in her blood the scorched earth has been quenched.
Under the silver moonlight her silky skin is drenched.
And she goes on her way.
Walking with the bleeding body she is in the pain.
Torn from her flesh her wings;will they ever flutter again.
But she feeds the earth her blood.
Like a flower secreting nectar to the butterfly.
She looks at the moon.
Her radiant face glows.
Her lips as red as wine.
Resemble a presence divine.
But she is bleeding like a mortal.
Dying with every drop.
Would her blood quenching the earth yield a crop?
The pain of a mortal is being felt by the sublime.
But she is walking under the silver moon now fallen but once divine.
The comforts of the grave are not meant for her.
She is in the fallen league to join The LUCIFER.
Once a heavenly she descended the earth like a feather.
But now with the bleeding body torn wings from her flesh,
she has fallen from the clouds.
Conspiracy of the heavens has yielded her the fall.
As she fell a prey to the darkness's call.
She makes a neverending river of her own blood as she walks along.
As the paradise is lost and there she doesn't belong.
The portals to the god has been closed for her.
But she walks along the blood lit path as she makes the river.
The silver moon lit night makes her milky white skin glow like marble sculpture.
And now her name has been engraved in the fallen ones' scripture.
The shivering winds blow making the infernal music through the haunted woods.
As the fallen creatures greedily feed on her blood as it suits their moods.
The incarnation of a fallen goddess is about to begin.
In the scarlet forest fed by her blood counting on the sin.
The screams of the nocturnal creatures rise with fear.
As the breast of the once scorched earth is about to tear.
Her eyes unfold the untold story.
Of the nevertold heavenly glory.
But now, "the one who once descended, has fallen".
Falling a prey to the grip of darkness.
She walks in to the grave of untold sadness.
With her fallen presence even the winds are flowing with madness.
There she walks along till she falls again,
into the torn breast of the earth.
And falls till the time she is goin under.
Screams won't bring her back anymore as she is no more listening.
As she is going under.
Once descended from the heavens,
now fallen into the underworld.
The depths of the heart of darkness provide her the new shelter,
burning her sublime self in the infernal flames she is scorched,
but not for long.
As soon she arises from her burning ashes from infernal flames,
the darkness will mark the ascension of the fallen goddess.
Ascending from the depths of darkness.
As the creatures of the night fed on her blood scream to prove her presence ascending from the grip of the depths of darkness.

Tranquil demise

Tranquil demise;in the oblivion.
Lost is my soul;in your dominion.
Fallen for sin by fatal deception.
My dreams are caught by your inception.
Unquenched and undead are my desires.
Arising from the darkest depths they burn in infernal fires.
Burning desires;
Evil admires.
To send my souls to the mortalising flames of hell,
the entire heaven conspires.
I stand here in the oblivion of the trance of life and death.
Leaving all hopes underneath.
Lonely i await this death and i shed no tears.
As The river of blood flowing inside me has washed away all my fears.


I take my breath............
and I leave all the miseries underneath..........
Death o beautiful death.......
kiss me to the grave.......
its just your bitter love,for what I crave...............
aaaaaaaahhhhh death o beautiful death.........
kiss me to the grave......
this life is not worth to save...........
oh death o beautiful death...........
.i am surrounded by pain and lies.......
all i listen from my heart is just never ending cries..........
oh death o beautiful death..........
you are the real truth of life......
oh death o beautiful death......
I wish you take me in your arms
and kiss me to the grave.......
aaaaaaaahhhhh death o beautiful death..............

The call of the LYCAN BRETHREN

MOONLIGHT!!!! Ascends from the grips of darkness!!!!
I am entangled by this evil madness!
Arises from the veil of sanity!
Tonight i won't be a part of humanity!
I hear the howls of my brethren from the woods.
The call from the dammed brotherhood.
I feel the fire burning within my soul.
The cape of conscience fades away on the whole.
The moonlight ascends to mark my fading humanity!
The whole brethren gives the call to celebrate this insanity!
We only listening to howls!
Much faster than just a metamorphosis of form!
I feel the thunder in my heart that aint at its norm!!
I'm gonna join you my brothers!!
Coz I'm no more like others!
As we got the venom in the blood!
We are the doomed members of the dammed brotherhood!
Arise to feast!!
Let the anger flow out!
And all the grudges beneath!


Tonight is the night when my soul is in flames.
Screaming for resurrection from the unknown depths of desires.
But those voices calling in my head pull me back to the nostalgic memories of the moments,of being in the warmest embrace;
which buried me inside my beloved heart.
I scream out loud;but the dark ambience echos my own voice back to me.
Leaving me under the gargantuan shadows of the poisonous clouds of hopelessness;
where i am imprisoned by loneliness.
Tonight i wish to lose myself to the call of freedom from this undead immortality.
Enslaved was my heart by the weaknesses of fear to lose.
But now i have nothing left after i walked the path i choose.
Above is the sky,black as tar.
I lay ruined like a battlefield after a war.
The ashes of the mercyful emotions that once caressed my heart,are now filled in my breath.
Entombed i lay under the grave of time.
Engraved as nameless soul on the tombstone.
I wish to give myself to you oh my love.
But find no signs of your presence anywhere.
I wish to taste your venomous lips to close my eyes forever.
Oh my love,just let me once taste your lips,
and let me die in your arms.