Sunday, December 18, 2011


Tonight is the night when my soul is in flames.
Screaming for resurrection from the unknown depths of desires.
But those voices calling in my head pull me back to the nostalgic memories of the moments,of being in the warmest embrace;
which buried me inside my beloved heart.
I scream out loud;but the dark ambience echos my own voice back to me.
Leaving me under the gargantuan shadows of the poisonous clouds of hopelessness;
where i am imprisoned by loneliness.
Tonight i wish to lose myself to the call of freedom from this undead immortality.
Enslaved was my heart by the weaknesses of fear to lose.
But now i have nothing left after i walked the path i choose.
Above is the sky,black as tar.
I lay ruined like a battlefield after a war.
The ashes of the mercyful emotions that once caressed my heart,are now filled in my breath.
Entombed i lay under the grave of time.
Engraved as nameless soul on the tombstone.
I wish to give myself to you oh my love.
But find no signs of your presence anywhere.
I wish to taste your venomous lips to close my eyes forever.
Oh my love,just let me once taste your lips,
and let me die in your arms.

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