Sunday, August 8, 2010

beyond the orchard of gloom

the sun sets in front of out eyes,
as twilight falls on the orchard of gloom.
and the suffocation constantly drags us to the silence of doom.
we lay together bleeding till last,
breathing for life as our pulses run fast.
i don't need this life to be lonely without you.
as the circle of my thoughts is running around you.
thoughts are running like a flashback of time,
as i look into your eyes which holds an aura divine.
death is just another path for our love.
and we are left with nothing to fear.
there we lie together in the orchard of gloom,
greeting the death hand in hand.
waiting to rot together in our graves to sand.
darling my love for you is eternal,
even if i burn in these flames so infernal.
lets wait till we close our eyes together,
to fall asleep and wake up never.
hold hand as we rise to world of our love,
beyond this orchard of gloom.
my love just look into my eyes,
as they shower all the love for you,
ignoring the pain of flesh.
darling just breath your last to walk with me,
in our land of dreams.
where we will be together forever,
without the fear of loosing the love.
in the world away from this orchard of gloom.
we die together as we bleed to dry,
this life is left with nothing to try.
hold my hand my darling,
and lets our eyes to fall asleep,
and never wake up again.
o my love look in to my eyes
as i shower my eternal love for you.
hold my hand and lets die,
to walk in the world of our dreams...

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