Monday, February 18, 2013


When you're high,
then you feel like
you're in the embrace of your love.
When you're high,
then you feel like you posses a treasure that people set to trove.
Tears falling from the eyes,
blurr my vision from those lies.
And i walk briskly on those smokey roads.
I let it burn
between my finger till the time i feel the heat.
So that i can know that i am alive when i can't even feel my heart beat.
When you're high
the stormy skies tend to be your friend.
And you set one of your own trend.
When you're high
the pain hidden under you comes to surface
and at the end it floats away.
When you're high
you don't ever know what's goin around,
but the past always comes to come alive when you're high.
From the inner sanctum of the heart,
comes a cry of loneliness,
but we rather take it as a glory of past.

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