Friday, April 26, 2013


committing the sins so unholy
fallen to disgrace so slowly
here i am bound in the sanctum of melancholy,
where grief and despair embark on my shoulders
forcing me to kneel to the glory of the darkness,
as far as i see i visualize nothing but emptiness,
madness is all around me darkness has once again found me.
sarcasm of the fate and i am running late,
should i run for life?
do i really have one?
or should i rest in the grave?
do i need peace of should i embrace noise?
i did what i should have never done,
Regarding you as the only one.
forcing me to drown in the river of infernal flames
you burdened my heart with your meaningless blames,
what i had for you in my heart was so holy,
and yet i am stuck in the sanctum of melancholy,,
*byron bloodlust*

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