Friday, July 12, 2013

one last walk

one last walk 
through the desert,
of the sands of time,
I am not thirsty,
not even hungry,
all I feel is
I am alive,
dreaming of a river
running through the heart of this dead land,
like an eternal serpent,
flowing through and through,
beyond the land far away unseen,
this is my last walk
through this desert,
of the sands of time.
I am on a pilgrimage,
to a shrine,
of my solitude so divine.
to offer a prayer ,
as an apology to a crime,
i keep walking,
without thirst ,
or hunger,
I just feel that I am alive.
I walk to the shrine,
covered under the dust,
hidden to the eyes full of lust.
i walk further to kneel and pray,
and ask for forgiveness,
for sharing my solitude.
*byron wolf*

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