Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Engulfed in the maniac addiction,

careless of the whispers of prediction.

darkness is no more an agonising tyranny.

but more of an awaiting destiny.

fallen for the sin,

inviting the devil's grin.

hollow world under the sky of lust,

dying by every single breath and metamorphing to dust.

cold smiles have embarked over frozen tears.

pain went beyond the threshold to bear.

sedation went beyond the wine,

where the dark angels surround to dine.

nothing more left to admire,

peace and happiness are no longer a desire.

nothing is left to be synonymous to holiness,

and nothing is there a cure for this loneliness.

life is no longer a surprise.

no flowers left to bloom on sunrise.

sorrow creeps in well crafted and designed.

souls who suffered now await for demise.

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