Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The dawn descends embarked on my fear,

the pain ascends despite frozen tears.

nothing left for nostalgiac memoirs,

they are washed away by evanescent turmoils.

spent years with agony,

under the shades of tyranny,

once i cried oceans of tears,

till my heart became a tomb.

from the breaking dawn,

to a silent gloomy twilight,

pain and suffering became my destiny.

and this was the darkest delight.

this went on till i found her again,

back from the death.

smiles returned to us again,

leaving the grief underneath.

she enchanted me with her nephilic smile,

we danced in the shadows,

escaping the dawn and the sun.

but the thirst of blood was on the run.

drenched in moonlight we walked our roads,

being together after all that suffering,

in all even and odds.

oh this nostalgia haunts me now,

and the smile of LUCIFER taunts me now.

the gargantuan shadows engulf me,

and the vacuous space suffocates me.

oh cruel world! behold my love ,being crucified,

under the scorching dawn,

where i am stung with silver arrows and forced to crawl.

the sun burns us and we weep blood from our eyes,

in the sunlight we burn together,

but the world cannot set apart our ties,

life was,but not alive without you.

i breath but cannot survive without you.

madness for darkness and the thirst,

shows how soul-less we are,

but crucification of my love shows ,

o world how heartless you are.

behold us as we have been bestowed the pain,

to be separated again.

but o cruel world your attempts are in vein.

the darkerside of love,

is the pain of separation,

suffering the agony under the shades of desperation.

the scorching sun burns our skins,

and i scream watching her suffer.

wounded and in pain crawl under,

the cross where we are destined to die.

i crawl beneath her just for one last kiss,

so i bid this heartless world a farewell which i'll never miss.

but the sun burnt us down,

and we metamorphed to ashes.

and our dusts flew through the air.

blowing with the wind.

filling the breath of everyone

who had been against the love of our kind.

but we are still together,

our dusts came together as we fly with the wind.

filling the breath of everyone,

who had been against the love of our kind.

the darkerside of the sun,

now unleashes no fear.

once soul-less and now our souls reunite,

where i hold her dear.

where we exist together,

and shed no tear,

where we flow like a serenade,

in the serene wind which moves like a renegade.

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