Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Holy love

Oh how long I wish to be with you by my side.

Numerous years of solitude have set for me the rules to abide.

Breathing this air, hoping as if it has touched you, in some corner of the world.

As the crimson rays of twilight fall upon my lonely grounds,

Where I stand alone on this earth, awaiting your arrival, with unblinking eyelids.

I walk here in the mist, as I hear my own footsteps born out of the silence.

Looking in the direction of the wind, to smell it hoping as if they have brought your fragrance.

Every time when I wish to stop thinking about you,

I realize the loss of the reason to stay to stay alive.

This life may play the gloomy tunes of a bittersweet symphony,

Where I greet the pain, descending upon the garden of of my heart,

The sacred place where I worship your essence.

Where the matters of lust,anger and greed don’t exist.

I still smile as the rising heartache is dancing upon the garden of love,

But I won’t let this dance of death plunder my orchard of my emotions,

The feelings that I preserve safely as the hymns to the spiritual beauty of our holy love.

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