Tuesday, January 3, 2012


As death creeps in and I close my eyes.

bidding farewell to this heartless world'

expecting no more lies.my journey begins like a dream.

taking me with a flashback through the time.

life was,but a tune of bittersweet symphony.

my commitment for you was to take you beyond agony.

but I was left alone.

i was lost in the darkness all alone.

failed attempts to find my love.

wandering in wilderness.

neither world nor wine,

proved to be a cure for this loneliness.

i tried to be normal cherishing the past.

but all went in vein as they didn't last.

love and life were the same for me,

but grief played a gloomy tune as it came to me.

the pain of separation,

drowned me in desperation.

storms of sadness plundered the tranquil sea of hope.

to kill this pain useless is wine and so is any dope.

but now for me its no more a surprise as my destiny is demise.

leave me alone,
no need of flowers to place upon my tomb.

let me rot to dust,

and so my soul flies away, beyond the world of lust.

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