Monday, April 12, 2010


As I was standing lonesome,
To be away from the crowd,
Who were celebrating with ale and
Shouting out loud.
The evening was mine,
And for that they gave applauds.
But for me they were all useless,
As I had reached a saturation.
Or was that some sort of maturation.
The whole world seemed more like a lie,
As no one was concerned about who would live or die.
I tried to picturise
from the tiny fragments of the ashes of time,
I had some one precious in my life,
Indeed a beauty sublime.
She was my only one who was indeed mine.
She was so beautiful as she was divine.
Life was a precious gift, when we were together,
She was my angel and we were made for each other.
Her love was my shelter, her love was my life,
But now every moment without her is piercing like knife.
Sorrows entered in disguise in my life,
in the form of my love’s painful demise.

She was so pure

Worth no treasure to lure

Her love was like an open sea for me,
Her touch was like a tide.
And every kiss was like a storm,
It was so rare to keep the pulses at the norm.
Now that she has gone,
But I still feel her eternity.
She was my world,
But now without her every moment is a solitude.
The memories of the past
Were pinching my soul.
I felt this all when my veins were flooded with alcohol.
Then I sensed I spotted someone
On the roof top,
Dressed in black,
Beneath the silver moon.
Just, as she was looking at me.
I was left wondering,
Who was she?
Suddenly a glass broke and shattered,
For which, I was disturbed for a moment.
And she was gone.
I tried to look for her,
And questioned my self,

Where did she disappear?
Who was she all about?
And why was she here?
The whole crowd was busy
As ,they were taking it easy.
The wine made me lousy.
But I was struggling not to feel drowsy.
Distracted from my thoughts,
I tried to figure her where abouts.
Was I just hallucinating?
Or was that ale dominating.
Within a moment, I felt someone breathing on my shoulders.
Confidently uncaring , of all the beholders.
Within a blink of an eye,
I turned around,
Astonishingly terrified, to what I found.
She was my lady love.
But back from her grave?!
Despite my trembling knees
I tried to be brave.
Looking at my precious,
To what she had became.
She wasn’t the same.
Not the one she was before.

For that moment I felt separated from the whole world.
Separated from the people gathered at gathered at my place,
And everyone around.
I was disconnected,
As I did not heard a single sound.
She was looking deep in my eyes,
From her jewel like blue eyes.
Embedded on her marble sculptured face,
With milky white skin.
Her once pink lips were now blood red,
As if on her beautiful face they were engraved.
A while ago she had met a painful demise.
But now is she back as a devil in disguise.
What about those roses,
Which I gifted on her grave?
What about those tears which I shed?
Should I be happy or be scared.
I still can’t forget the moment
When I was helplessly watching my love,
getting into death’s embrace.
With her words she broke the silence.
And unfolded against death
The tale, of her resistance.
‘’I am back from death,
From my grave’s beneath
As I did not wanted to leave you behind.
For your love to me has been so kind.
I can not let our romance
To struggle in this state of trance.”
With this she touched my lips
With her cold fingers.
Then holded my hands.
And flew with me to the roof top.
Beneath the silver moon.
From this point I could se the whole town.
The trees,houses,the streets and the lights.
They were like emeralds embedded on a queen’s gown.
Behind her blood red lips,
I saw those fangs.
Once I had misregarded
How the banshee sang.
Within a moment after I interrogated
She continued without being exaggerated.
‘’A few days before my demise,
I encountered an evil soul in disguise,
Later I found out that he was a vampire,
Who was a lost soul from devil’s empire.
That nospheratu had made a deal with the devil,
To sell his soul in favour of a dark life and spread the evil.
Gradually he was feeding on my blood,
But I was helpless without a word.
He came like a windfall and disappeared.
As there was no one to stop him,
And there was no one he feared.
He pinched his fangs on my neck
And I was tranquilized.
Like in his dark faith I was getting baptized.
Then he made me drink his blood
From his slit wrist.
As if it was the sacrament.
And I went on drinking it as if it had been the sacrament.
It all happened during my illness,
But he had been hunting on me in favour of my wellness.
But before things could change on that ill fated day.
I was declared dead while I was asleep.
A new vampire was declared dead while she was asleep.
I was dugged out by those creatures of the night.
Who came out of their coffins when darkness devours the light.
Since then I became one of them,
Spent days sleeping in the coffin’s cascade
And nights hunting,to feed on blood.
But still my vampire heart was beating for you.
As all my life I had cared only for you.
But your love was the only pleasure
For which I was denied.
So I made those nocturnal greet the dawn and they all died.”
With this she continued
‘’Come in my embrace
And join me without disgrace.
With this new life,
We will live for eternity.
Without aging nor weakening.
Our romance will have its longitivity.”
All this while I was broken,
Waiting for her to come back my eyes were open.
But now I have the one,
Whom I had ever loved.
I was ready to take any step to be with the one ,
Whom I had ever loved.
That night she gave me the deepest kiss.
Which was like a storm,
And as before it was hard to keep
My pulses at the norm.
All beneath the silver moon.
She pierced her fangs
Deep in my neck.
And I became numb,
She sucked out blood from me and I became numb.
All beneath the silver moon.
I became numb.
Was I becoming lifeless,
With this deepest kiss?
No I was sedated with my love,
And I became numb.
She touched my face and called out my name.
Slit her wrist and made me drink her blood.
With this my life was on a new road.
She breathed a new life in me.
Without her I was just lifeless.
But now she had breathed a new life in me.
All beneath the silver moon.
We reunited.
We were so life like.
All beneath the silver moon
We were so life like.
All beneath the silver moon,
We were so life like.

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