Monday, April 12, 2010


As i look up to the star embedded sky.
the moon shines like lost pearl
away from its oyster.
i look into the depths of
the brightness of the moonlit night.
where the moon shines
like a lost pearl away from its oyster.
i behold its brilliance,
and that reminds me of your brilliance.
in my silent solitude
i feel your presence.
as together we behold
the same aura and brilliance.
i connect with you
through the radiant moon
despite the distance.
as we together watch the sky
in the moonlit wilderness.
i visualise your presence
with my romanticised madness.
i kiss those winds,
whom i feel they might have touched you.
i passionately breathe them in
feeling they might have touched you..
o my love behold the sky.
as to be together in this loneliness
we desperately try.

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