Monday, April 12, 2010


Twilight falls and we proceed
to the embrace of the darkness.....
and the silence of the tranquil lonesome lake
drives us to madness......
we breath in the cold air
which kisses the stagnant waters
and the dancing green leaves.....
my inner self has fallen for its enticement
and in darkness it believes...,
i am bedazzled by the nocturnal charm...,
and fell in its dark mesmeria
though not so warm....
i long for the kiss of darkness
to me so divine....
and crave for my fallen love
indeed a beauty sublime......
mourning the departure of my beloved..,
with sorrow imprisoned in my frozen heart....
i wail silently in hidden serenity..,.
bleeding out my song at the heaven's window
with sad serendipity..,.
and my lovelorn soul

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