Monday, April 12, 2010


Feel the grief of our fallen stars.
Who sing an ode to the cruelty,
laid upon our souls
and left those wounds and scars.
The fragrance of the roses
at the funeral of love is fading away.
And every hope of of happiness is blown away.
The agony in my heart pushes me
to the embrace of endless dark.
Where i crave for light
and even for a tiny spark.
Evil smiles upon my pain
as it separates me from you.
Every moment stings
and nothing seems to be true.
Cold tears fall from my eyes.
And poison fills the skies.
What surrounds me is the emptiness.
Drenched in the shadows of unholiness.
I feel as i am buried in the grave of filth.
But my fate; it has no guilt.
May all this end in a surprise,
with my lonely demise

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