Monday, April 12, 2010


There beyond the fog,
A shadow floats behind the rotting log.
The dark hours after the twilight,
She walks the banks of the lake in the dying light.
Deep in the woods,where it is hard to walk
The trees look like as if they can talk.
Deep in the dense woods,
Where the sunlight can’t penetrate,
Even the days are dark and the light is desperate.
Deep in those ghostly woods,
There is a lake surrounded by grasslands,
Its like a beautiful lady,
Decorated with nature’s garland.
The place of tranquility,
The moment of silence,
But you can’t ignore the music of the whistling woods,
But does that remind of a gruesome violence.
Alas! It’s the nature’s beauty,
Which goes on mesmerising like eternity.
And the sun sets down deep in the west,
And the darkness awakens from the rest.
As the nocturnal reign begins to rise.
The howling wolves set out to hunt,
And the creatures of the night now arise.

As the light fades away with the dusk.
She walks like a shadow,
Floating above the dust.
Pale was her skin,
Clad with a flowing white gown.
Hidden was her face with the black hairs hung down.
Her radiant self was divine like a goddess.
She walked the banks in her attire so modest.
She rose her head and looked at the moon.
Was this a curse or blessed with a boon.
Then she turned around and demerged in the lake.
As if for the moon her life was at stake.
As it was crushed,in the sorrows of pain and demise.
This was the hour of darkest surprise.
Shocked by the scene I rushed to her rescue.
I ran to save the one who had broken my solitude.
The darkest mystique had drowned in the lake.
But how she demerged without struggling for life.
Without resisting the death
And gasping for breath.
She submerged deep down underneath,
The cold lake swallowed her beneath.
O the lady of the lake.
O the pearl of dark oyster.
O the fallen star of the angelic constellation’s cluster.

Thoughts ranged in my mind,
To her rescue I ran and left my fears behind.
Deep in thehaunting woods,
I ran towards her leaving my fears behind.
As I rushed to the cold lake,
Which was reflecting the bright silver moon.
Like the eyes of a giant snake.
Without thinking to prevent wasting time ,
I jumped in the lake to save the beauty sublime.
I went deep in the dark waters,
Holding my breath longing for light.
I submerged in the dark waters,
Longing for tiniest fragments of light.
To save the radiant pearl,but to my surprise,
I saw her arise.
I was in subconscious oblivion,
But felt her enigma to be worth a goddess.
She looked in my eyes to the depths of my inside.
Where both faith and the greed coincide.
With the paradox.
But I felt in her eyes,
They were like a beautiful nightmare,
Angelic radiance,which could get me out
Of my paranoiac recluse.

I felt her love,
The bondage of our souls;
She smiled and held my hand,
And I felt her love,
As strong as death;
Leaving my paranoia underneath.
Once struggling to breathe,
In the lake’s beneath.
I was saved by her,
And reached the surface.
And saw her radiant self
Emerge from the lake.
She helped me out of the lake,
Holding my hand.
And finally I reached the land.
But I felt like
I’m into a new life.
In just a matter of time,
Those evanescent memories faded;
And in the trance I was persuaded.
It raised a suspicion.
Was that in my oblivion?
I sat besides her on the bank of the lake,
And again she smiled at me,
And her dark smile made me realize my mistake.

I saw my physical self
Floating on the surface.
And I realized that her fatal attraction
Was nothing but death.
I wished to scream,
But there was no one to hear me,
Except the trees,
Who were the mute witnesses.
She stood up,
And now her radiant self seemed dark as night.
And now I was the valet,
Of the devil’s mistress.
As I craved for love
In death’s embrace.
And my soul was like;
A red rose for the devil’s whore.
But was it a mistake?
To look for love,in the eyes of
The lady of the lake.

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